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6061 Aluminum One cubic inch of 6061 aluminum weighs 0.0975 lb Mild Steel One cubic inch of mild steel weighs 0.2833 lb   Copper One cubic inch of copper weighs 0.3100 lb Pure Gold One cubic inch of pure gold weighs 0.697979 lb     
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your specialty?     As Partners in Manufacturing, we are specialists at providing non-commodity solutions for your application requirements. What is the typical lead time for the extrusion process?     Die production usually runs approximately 5 weeks     A standard lead time for extruded product is 4 weeks How long does secondary processing take?     Fabrication, depending on complexity, can run 1-3 weeks Finishing (paint, powdercoat, anodizing) is usually 1-2 weeks What are my freight options?     We ship all over the nation and internationally, using overnight air, ocean, rail and truck. We can deliver next day from our stock to local areas, and can ship within 24 hours to national accounts. What are your minimum order requirements?     We typically measure a minimum by the total weight of the order. Although miniature extrusions may not have a minimum order requirement and can be run in as little as 1 pound quantities, a set up fee is normally incurred.     Although minimum order requirements vary from mill to mill, standard runs are as follows:  500 pound minimum for a circle size of less than 7", 1000 pound minimum for circles of 7"-9", and 2000 pound minimum for larger circle sizes.  
Partners in Manufacturing                        We are your liaison, from inception to realization.